WWS Cash Management

WWS Cash Management automates how the bank determines the most efficient cash delivery and collection schedule and processes, enabling a drastic reduction in operational costs as well as out-of-service time for cashpoints and how this affects customers and the bank’s reputation for quality of service.

As an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the branch channel, WWS Cash Management is designed to manage a bank’s cash more effectively and improve cash management, cash handling and security.

Multivendor and multichannel WWS Cash Management is a best of breed integrated solution for end-to-end cash management process, allowing banks to increase self-service availability, reduce cash warehousing and cash procurements costs related to cash handling and cash-in-transit from all cash points, inside as well as outside the branch (cash-out/cash-in ATM, multifunction ATM, recycling ATM, ASD/ASST, TARM, branch window with TCR).

Utilising sophisticated algorithms with self-learning mathematical forecasting, combined with data analysis of historical trends (at least 12 months of records to accurately run cash forecasts) and on different parameters (such as cashpoint’s physical location and its capacity, as well as the bank’s insurance policy, any legal requirements and any likely spikes in demand for cash withdrawals), the solution is designed to optimize, anticipate, automate, support, control and report the entire cash inventory and replenishment process for all entities involved in the cash management process (from cash points to back office as well as branch CI/CO).

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