WWS Signage

WWS Signage is an integral component of the WWS multichannel banking suite for the Digital Signage channel and for the deployment of audio-visual content over LAN, intranet and Internet, helping banks transform their branch into a commercial outlet through the managed delivery of multimedia information and promotional marketing material using a variety of self-service devices and displays.

WWS Signage allows users to create and modify, in a fast and efficient way, informational and commercial multimedia content, to be displayed on screens for digital signage. With an attractive interface, compatible with most popular browsers, WWS Signage makes it easy to manage multiple communication plans with the option to have differentiated content delivered to different locations through a single intuitive console.

The criteria used to define communication plans include single branches or groups of branches, geographical regions, and different groups and types of display device.

WWS Signage works on PC, notebook, workstations, industrial PC, tablet PC, connected by VGA or HDMI to LCD / TFT high-resolution screens, and an IP network infrastructure like intranet / Internet and is well suited to the delivery of multimedia content to a variety of devices including PC, tablet, smartphones, and digital displays.

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Digital Signage ; branch ; promotion ; marketing ; communication