WWS Mobile

WWS Mobile is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the mobile channel that enables banks to give consumers the ultimate ‘bank in their pocket’ experience while on the move.

A highly secure and fully integrated solution, WWS Mobile offers customers the widest range of banking and payment services in the most cost effective way, resulting in greater consumer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities. WWS Mobile has been designed to take into account how the consumer benefits from the mobile experience and how banks can use mobile to enhance the services they provide through all of their delivery channels.

As part of the bank’s omnichannel strategy, WWS Mobile offers the customer a range of cross-channel capabilities such as safer and faster cash withdrawals without using traditional plastic cards, the ability to locate the nearest ATM and get a real time view of the services available on the selected ATM or voice-guided navigation to the ATM for people with visual impairments.

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Mobile ; QR Code ; strong authentication ; Mobile Payment ; Mobile Banking ; SMS Banking