Options Advisory

Options Advisory provides technology consultancy to the global financial industry.

Our platform expertise equips us to help clients share, protect and manage their data with greater ease and less overhead. Our system administrators are aware of and prepared for dealing with the most advanced components on the market. They know how to integrate new hardware and software into clients’ existing IT infrastructures without disrupting business operations.

Deep sector knowledge and experience enables the team to help select, deploy, tune and support the right portfolio management solution for their clients. Options Advisory are industry-leading experts in Advent Geneva®, Advent APX®, Advent Axys®, Tradar Insight® Sungard VPM®.

Options Advisory offers the following services:

Business Consulting -

We specialise in clear and in-depth analysis, offering Options clients thorough strategic and design advice that results in concrete, measurable solutions. From implementation to maintenance, we supervise and train the client’s internal operations staff.

Project Management -

Successful migrations and integrations for over 150 clients, striving for the goal of seamless workflow with as little manual intervention as possible.

Platform Selection Analysis -

Only fact-based platform selection tool on the market.

Implementations and Upgrades -

A constantly evolving market calls for constant improvements and systemic optimization. We provide technical and operational support for upgrading financial software, and deploy technology on the local, national, or international level.

Custom Reporting -

Specializing in customised portfolio, transaction, performance and accounting reports, Options integrate technology to the client’s current interfaces. Our real-time reporting solutions allows you to integrate your trade interface, price loading, transaction inputs and outputs, and reconciliation systems.

Virtual Cloud Services -

A comprehensive range of virtual services, from hosting specific applications or disaster recovery solutions, through to fully replicated hosted virtual infrastructure.

Enhanced Support -

Options Advisory offers 24×7, follow-the-sun support.

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