Broadridge Hosted Accounting Solutions

Broadridge combines cost-effective managed hosting services for accounting solutions with a comprehensive, modular platform of front-, middle-, and back-office applications.

Broadridge offers a suite of integrated front-, middle-, and back-office tools that complement and enhance Advent’s Geneva® and other accounting platforms, including:

  • Superior reporting, reference data, pricing & valuation, and multi-asset class trade order management solutions that are fully integrated
  • A single vendor solution for technology, deployment and servicing
  • Operational and scheduling tools to optimize and automate daily business processes
  • Comprehensive solutions to cut operational, IT, reference data and software costs from the front- to back-office
  • Direct access and integration with Broadridge’s preferred data and service providers
  • The advantage of using a recognized industry standard platform and technology architecture

Broadridge’s applications offer solutions to eliminate operational and technical costs associated with supporting and servicing complex managers and include differentiating client facing reporting, portfolio management, and order management technology. We offer solutions to expand middle-office support, deliver better client service, and define a strategic advantage when competing for new business.

Choose the infrastructure solution and deployment methodology that fits your business model by selecting from a comprehensive, modular array of industry-leading tools, all fully integrated with your hosted accounting solution. Our functionality spans a comprehensive range including multi-asset class order management, reporting, reference data management, hosting requirements, as well as the upgrade process of your accounting solution. 

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