VTD - Visual Template Designer

VTD supports your documentation process in the back office entirely. Create, administer and process your existing templates for transaction confirmations quickly, securely and easily while purposefully reducing your costs. The platform independence of VTD enables a seamless integration into your Calypso environment as well as into the existing business workflow. The well-known flexibility and transparency of Calypso are thereby available at all times. 

Due to an intuitive user interface, comprehensive change tracking and a logical translation of the templates, complicated HTML programming is a thing of the past. VTD also features import and migration functionality for your existing templates.
With VTD, you can simply and effectively design and administer your existing transaction confirmations in the back office using a WYSIWYG editor. Whether you are creating or supplementing templates – with VTD, all modifications to typical documents for the back office, such as confirmations or notifications, can be made quickly, simply and securely. A complete integration into your existing Calypso environment as well as into the business workflow along with the flexibility and transparency for which Calypso is known are guaranteed without the need for time-consuming HTML programming.
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