Collateral & Funding

Calypso Collateral & Funding enables institutions to unlock collateral and unleash liquidity. Improved visibility into positions combined with the ability to net exposures across business lines enables institutions to eliminate fragmented collateral pools, increase ROI on inventory and lower funding costs. Calypso has a single central inventory pool for all margining, funding, liquidity and yield enhancement activities. By maximizing visibility into available collateral, maximum benefit is extracted from the total inventory pool.

Calypso provides a standalone collateral management solution covering both bilateral and cleared products. Buy-side, sell-side and service providers can minimize their use of cash, reduce margining costs, lower funding costs and enhance investment yields. Full automation of collateral workflows combined with algorithm-based collateral allocation delivers an efficient high-performance collateral management regime. Additional operational strength flows from fully integrated securities finance providing seamless continuity between repo/sec. lending and collateral and inventory activities. Siloes are eliminated, efficiency is improved, performance is enhanced. Calypso Collateral & Funding is suitable for banks, investment managers, central banks, CCPs and hedge funds.

Beneļ¬ts include a seamless front-to-back process, inventory visibility, advanced collateral analytics, centralized margin, optimal collateral allocation, minimized deployment of cash, better liquidity management, lower cost of funding and enhanced fund yields. 

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