Pelican Corporate Payments and Sanctions

Pelican Corporate Payments enables Corporates to simplify all internal and external connectivity through a single, bank-agnostic platform. All security, user administration and payment formats can be managed easily from one place.

Pelican can also simplify the process of meeting growing compliance obligations, protecting your business against financial and reputational risk, sanctions screening all required payments and counterparties as required.

Managing treasury, supplier payments and customer receivables is challenging. Traditional e-banking channels and payment processing systems are usually designed in such a way that all users need to conform to the standards that those systems dictate, as set by the bank supplying them. But Corporates are demanding more flexibility, while adhering to the emerging market standards such as ISO 20022.

Corporates also have to deal with increasingly complex internal applications, particularly when they have been subject to M & A type activity. It is now not uncommon for a Corporate to operate multiple ERPs and TMS’ across their various locations and affiliates. Pelican can intelligently link all of these applications together then simply connect you to your banking partner(s), whist at the same time optimizing the payment methods used in order to maximize cost efficiency.

Available within a range of different deployment options and usage scenarios, Pelican solves the processing and integration challenge, enabling you to enjoy next-generation cash and Intelligent Payments Management (IPM) in a secure, reliable fashion. It removes the need to significantly adapt or enhance your own systems or undertake complex configurations and integration work to communicate with your banks. Pelican works seamlessly alongside your existing infrastructure and is well suited to Corporates who are operating in a multi-bank, multi-ERP environment.

Pelican Corporate Payments and Sanctions - Benefits 

  • Become bank agnostic – with the flexibility to change banks quickly at minimal cost, gaining autonomy across alternate payment networks for best pricing/services
  • Increased process control and operational efficiencies, standardized yet individually tailored process flows
  • Enjoy lower bank fees due to reduced payment failures and manual repair. Pelican achieves this by leveraging AI
  • Reduce risk by filtering all payments, customers and vendors against the relevant sanctions lists
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