Pelican Corporate Banking

Pelican Corporate Banking can sit in-between you and your Corporate clients to act as an integration and processing layer. Alternatively, it can be deployed as a back-office system from which to service your Corporates.

Through the application of innovative Artificial Intelligence technology, you can offer Corporate customers a simple and intelligent way to optimise cash management and improve control of all payments, collections and reporting.

Servicing Corporate clients is challenging. Traditional e-banking channels and payment processing systems are usually designed in such a way that all users need to conform to the standards that those channels or systems dictate. But Corporates are demanding more flexibility, while adhering to the emerging market standards such as ISO 20022.

Like many banks, Corporates also have to deal with increasingly complex technology estates, particularly when they have been subject to M & A type activity. It is now not uncommon for a Corporate to operate multiple ERPs and TMS’ across their various locations and affiliates. Pelican can intelligently link all of these applications together, rationalise the traffic then connect them to you – their trusted banking partner.

Available within a range of different deployment options and usage scenarios, Pelican solves the processing and integration challenge, enabling you to provide next-generation cash and Intelligent Payments Management (IPM) to your Corporate clients in a secure, reliable fashion without having to adapt or enhance your own systems, or undertake complex configurations or integration work for every single implementation. Pelican works seamlessly alongside your existing infrastructure - be that legacy or new - so you can truly differentiate your Corporate offering.

Pelican Corporate Banking - Benefits

  • Enjoy truly exceptional STP rates. Pelican achieves this by leveraging AI
  • The inherent flexibility of the Pelican platform makes it easy for your Corporates to connect and do business with you
  • Reduce the complexity and time it takes to on-board Corporates to your e-Banking channels – eliminating prolonged and painful integration projects
  • Accelerate product innovation and time to market
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