The Salary & Settlement functionality represents one of most important non-core banking facilities
in your bank. It handles the salary functions in the bank for all your corporate customers. Therefore,
it is considered vital and of great importance to your bank as it completes your bank’s main banking
functions and offers services requested by many of today’s corporate customers. ETHIX-Salary
includes features that create output les that are compatible with central software (i.e. core banking
systems to enable accurate data transfer from ETHIX-Salary to other software that requires your banking
data. ETHIX-Salary is supported with a multitude of functions including receiving external input
les that contain the salary records either for your bank customers or for customers who belong to
other banks.
The ETHIX-Salary module introduces a functionality that helps your bank manage the ATM transaction
processing and enables it to easily define charges for ATM transactions according to both
response codes and ATM originators.
ETHIX-Salary enables your bank to process the daily les containing all POS transactions so that your
bank has the ability to define cards for POS transactions, define charges on merchants based on the
total amount of sales and impose penalties for not achieving the predened target amount of sales.
ETHIX-Salary introduces a reliable facility that controls the salary process in your bank simply and
more efficiently. You can define different types of salary providers and their file formats and you can
assess charges on these providers. Besides, ETHIX-Salary provides your bank with a functionality that
performs the merge process for approved salary transfer files as well as deduction lfies. It also
enables users to define the information required for external input files that load the records sent
from the utility provider containing salary records and deductions for the customers.

Product and service specifications
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salary, ATM, POS