Financial institutions today are faced with an increasingly challenging environment to run their business
in; on one hand, customer expectations include availability of numerous communication and
delivery channels, a wide range of competitive product offerings and same day approvals. On the
other hand, banks face the challenge of managing sales and credit risk in rapidly volatile markets
with diminishing profit margins and fierce competition. In addition, the complexity introduced by
rigorous regulatory and corporate governance controls is escalating.
A major aspect of rising to the challenge is choosing the right system. Financial institutions require
systems that can streamline and automate their business processes, allowing them to concentrate
on their sales process. Systems that easily integrate into existing architecture and effectively implement
automated controls to reduce operational and credit risk.
ETHIX-Credit is the workow-based lending module of ETHIX  suite. Incorporating multiple
business processes including loan origination, credit limit and collateral management and credit risk
assessment. ETHIX-Credit offers easy integration with multiple channels and systems that include
comprehensive built-in document management functionality, and a highly configurable and
flexible product definition engine.

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