ETHIX-Folio is a comprehensive solution designed to provide leading-edge automation of Managing
the Assets of bank’s as well as customers Portfolios. This solution enables banks and investment
institutions to manage their own assets as well as their customers assets. ETHIX-Folio design offers a
streamlined system from the front-end application to the back office operations with improved
eciency, protability, and control.
ETHIX-Folio provides maximum exibility to set up various portfolios based on their type. The
solution enables business users to set up dierent types of portfolios such as Client portfolios, Institutional
portfolios, Fund Portfolios, DI Managed portfolios, Sukuk portfolios...
ETHIX-Folio is an integrated multi-user System providing enhanced functionality and process
integration that allows an integrated ow of trades, exceptions management, and data integrity
maintenance from Front, Middle, and Back-Office of Portfolio Management operations.
ETHIX-Folio provides a high performance solution to facilitate substantial daily trading volumes and
open positions with positions instantly updated upon trade execution to provide realtime data to
the Portfolio and Assets management departments.

Product and service specifications
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Language used
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Operating system
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Pricing structure
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User interface
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Portfolio management, Asset management