• The format for Balance Sheets and Income Statements are defined by the banks’ requirements. Once the format has been created, a parameterized script will automate all calculations.
  • At the end of every month, information is stored for future analysis.
  • All different types of information can be stored.
  • Security permissions are on the report level.
  • All reports are in a standardized format.
  • Providing a data entry application helps to define the format of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • ETHIX-360º is a fully web based mechanism and it can be installed in the Allocated Server. There is no requirement to install it for each customer.
  • The data can be exported in excel, html and pdf format.


The ETHIX-360º has been designed to provide a bank with a holistic view of its customers. As a valuable processing tool, ETHIX-360º enables a bank to identify profitable customers, recognize marketable products and excel operationally.

ETHIX-360º is highly scalable, easy to use and it offers total flexibility for data analysis.

Product and service specifications
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Language used
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Operating system
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Pricing structure
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User interface
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Porcessing tool, Data analysis, Reporting tool