Broadridge Reconciliation

A highly scalable and configurable solution, Broadridge Reconciliation automates the entire reconciliation process to monitor, validate, enrich and match transaction data from the earliest point in the trade cycle through to final settlement, for any type of financial instrument across all internal systems and external agents. Information is delivered on customised dashboards in a single, real-time view based on sophisticated technology that facilitates the tracking and monitoring of data, and enables exceptions to be investigated and resolved quickly.

Broadridge Reconciliation is a truly multi-asset solution that enables firms to attain a consolidated, unified view across all types of positions and transactions, including:


  • Cash – nostros, GL, system-to-system, confirmations, ATM

  • Securities – executed and pending trades, positions, combined cash and stock

  • Derivatives – exchange-traded and OTC

  • Fees and commissions – payments and receipts across all financial instruments

  • Static data – Security Master file, Client records, SSIs




  • Automate reconciliations of cash, securities, derivatives within one comprehensive solution

  • Establish best practice processing and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Integrate reconciliations processing seamlessly with built-in middleware

  • Manage, with ease, large volume processing with multi-threaded reconciliations

  • Choose from a range of deployment options – on-site, SaaS or full business process outsourcing
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reconciliation, matching, investigation, exception management, electronic trade confirmation, STP