Built by hedge funds, specifically for hedge fund managers, VPM is a comprehensive, multi-currency, fully integrated, customizable investment management solution. From general ledger transactions to reconcilliation, VPM connects front- and back-office operations to support all aspects of hedge fund portfolio management. With a true general ledger  tightly integrated at the core,of the system, VPM stores investment activity and a complete audit trail for efficient drill down analysis, and proper auditing and reporting, providing firms accurate information, transparency and foresight into a funds performance.  Designed to accommodate a broad set of instruments, and dynamic investment  strategies,  VPM is constructed using industry standard technology allowing integration with external data and information vendors, and providing a scalable, easy-to-use solution that adapts to the unique needs of individual business models and trading styles. VPM is FAS 157 compliant

  • Automates processes, simplifies workflows and reduces risks associated with manual entries
  • Helps reduce overall operational risk with real-time accounting and error-handling, and by reducing instances of work-arounds
  • Structures general ledger format to align with customer’s specific investment goals
  • Navigates any level of transaction with “drill-down” capable reporting
  • Enhances availability to data and reporting capabilities with dynamic report generation and scheduling, strategy-based reporting, and a flexible report wizard with generation capabilities for multiple dates within a period.
  • Ensures adherence to regulatory, accounting and corporate governance standards.
  • Avoids strain on technical resources and the portfolio management system by accessing financial information via a data warehouse
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