InvesTier is a partnership and investor accounting and reporting solution, used by funds of funds, hedge funds and their administrators to support both U.S. domestic partnerships and offshore, unitized investment corporations. 

For funds of funds, InvesTier is a complete back-office solution, encompassing both investment and partner/shareholder accounting and reporting; for hedge funds, it is a flexible and robust investor accounting and reporting solution, operating in concert with your portfolio accounting system.  For all types of alternative investment funds and fund structures, InvesTier delivers comprehensive fund and investor accounting – tracking investor contributions and redemptions, calculating complex investor fees, recording and allocating gains, expenses, etc. and producing account statements.

Scalable to thousands of investors, and virtually any customer type, including both onshore and offshore hedge funds and fund of funds, InvesTier creates funds’ books and records, investor allocations and calculations, and both fund and investor reporting, helping to reduce cost and operational risk associated with manual processing.  With a multi-currency, multi-manager, multi-series double-entry general ledger system at its core,  InvesTier keeps a complete audit trail, providing transparency and foresight into a fund's operations. InvesTier’s relational database and Web-based reporting tools provide further visibility and analysis tools with flexible reporting capabilities and data views. InvesTier’s flexible reporting helps firms quickly assess performance and market risk allowing for report production, not just at month-end, but mid-period.  Additionally, InvesTier supports various complex funds structures, offering multiple sets of books within the same fund to create customized sub-ledgers by fund manager, trading strategy or other grouping..

  • Supports on or off-shore multi-manager, strategy, class and series funds
  • Accounts for expense accruals, holdings, valuations and gain/loss
  • Captures investor capital transanctions, fund investment transactions, summarized trade revenue and expense transactions, non-trade revenue and expense transactions, and underlying investment pricing
  • Automates flow-through of the P&L from an unlimited number of fund hierarchies
  • Calculates daily NAV’s for user-defined hierarchies
  • Incorporates tax partnership allocation and equalization methods
  • Creates basic financial statements as well as customized reports
  • Provides an unlimited number of user-defined fee calculations and side pocket allocations
  • Features tax allocations and reporting capabilities with a 1065 worksheet for U.S. partnership income reporitng and economic, aggregate, and tax lot layering methodologies for automated
  • Delivers a single, global investor solution, capable of supporting both capital-account-balance-based U.S. partnerships and unitized offshore investment corporations
  • Mitigates operational risk, delivering consistent, documented procedures and controls, tracking investor transactions, allocating income, calculating partnership tax allocations -- in a secure, stable environment
  • Offers flexibility in defining fund structures, allocation rules, fee calculations, which are critical for supporting the disparate requirements of new fund clients
  • Manages lock-up restrictions and liquidity calculations, imperative to operating in complex market conditions
  • Satisfies investor due diligence requirements for a comprehensive investor accounting solution
  • Provides the ability to immediately respond to mid-period investor inquiries
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