Asset Arena Investment Accounting

One of the industry's most trusted global solutions, SunGard's Asset Arena Investment Accounting is a global investment accounting and reporting system that helps customers identify and resolve operational risks and improve the efficiency of their fund accounting processes.  Based on an extensible and scalable service-oriented architecture, the solution is utilized by a diverse and growing customer base, and is in use by two-thirds of the top 40 global fund managers in 32 countries. These customers represent all sizes, from 15 portfolios on the system to over 20,000 portfolios. In total, Asset Arena customers process more than 65,000 portfolios representing over $20 trillion in assets.

The solution supports NAV calculations, daily accruals of income, expenses, management fees, performance fees, cash management and calculations of profit and loss. The application provides a single platform solution to support multi-threaded businesses and handles virtually all portfolio types including mutual funds, hedge funds, OEICs, pension funds, fund-of-funds, unit trust and institutional funds. In conjunction with the core accounting engine, Asset Arena supports a range of GAAP and IFRS accounting methods in addition to local rules where appropriate; such as FASB reports, SEC Yield, IFRS, EUSD, Dual Pricing, and DDI. These additional calculations can be applied to various fund types, to deliver a multi-market, multi-jurisdiction solution.

In addition to the core investment accounting engine components, Asset Arena Investment Accounting offers several extended modules including:

SWIFT Adapter
Performance Measurement
Data Extraction

Asset Arena Investment Accounting (InvestOne and GP3 Editions)

Key Differentiators:

-    Global Footprint
-    More than 60,000 portfolios, over 1,000 fund groups.
-    Customer portfolio numbers range from 15 portfolios to over 20,000.
-    Business Process Management and Exception Management
-    Improve data integration and control while mitigating risk.
-    Orchestrate multitude of tasks, from exceptions clearance to activity confirmation.
-    Reduce manual intervention.
-    Increase accounts:analyst ratio.
-    Adhoc Reporting
-    Over 400 standard reports. The ability for users to define an unlimited number of customized reports.
-     Cloud Architecture
-    Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.
-    Hardware and software maintained in-house.
-    70% of Asset Arena customers on Cloud architecture.
-    Global Support Model
-    Localized solution supporting global markets.
-    Solution upgraded automatically.
-    SunGard Professional Services
-    Product consultants focused on product implementation and efficiency.
-    Solution consulting expertise in; Lean, Managed Services, Information Management and Strategic Reporting.
-    Pricing Services
-    Validated pricing, corporate actions and broker/counterparty price collection services.
-    Service fund administrators, asset managers, pension and hedge funds.


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