iMAL*2RetailPortal - Internet Banking

iMAL*2RetailPortal represents a convenient online banking service that can be offered by
financial institutions to their retail customers.

The system provides customers with an easy, fast, and secured access to their banking ac-
counts, portfolios, positions and related transactions. Through iMAL*2RetailPortal, the reg-
istered customers can perform banking transactions like fund transfers, utility bill payments,
and financing repayments. It also allows registered customers to apply for various banking
products, such as cards and cheque books.

Built on a J2EE platform, the iMAL*2RetailPortal solution is designed for intensive deployment
environments that demand scalability and high availability.

iMAL*2RetailPortal is a secure hub where customers can perform safe banking. Advanced
and common security practices are supported including data encryption, multi-factor authen-
tication, password management, user account management, user activity logging, database
security, session management, and other basic protective features.

iMAL*2RetailPortal is fully integrated with all iMAL modules and has the flexibility to integrate
with other core banking systems through the integration layer, which facilitates the communi-
cation with various types of systems.

Product and service specifications
• Oracle
• Sybase
Language used
• Java
• Other
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Windows 7
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
• Other
Pricing structure
• N/A
User interface
• Web
• Other
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