iSHRAQ- Advanced Investment & Financing Management Model

iSHRAQ*Invest is an advanced investment management solution that offers a clear and concise way of managing multiple accounts under one umbrella. It is part of the Ishraq suite consisting of 3 modular products:• iSHRAQ*Invest• iSHRAQ*Finance• iSHRAQ*Treasury

Ishraq Invest is a management tool for investment companies or investment department in any organization such as financial institutions. It allows financial institutions to deal with different regions, countries, stock markets, currencies, fees schemas and accounts to provide them with multiple tools to run investment more efficiently.

Ishraq Invest management system is a 100% real time, internet-based, secure system optimized to provide maximum performance, scalability and availability to its customers.


Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
Language used
• C#
Operating system
• Windows 2003
Pricing structure
• N/A
User interface
• Web
• Other
Investment management finance treasury

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