DataMotion SecureMail

Email sensitive information simply and securely with DataMotion SecureMail. Using miltary-grade encryption, SecureMail helps your organization comply with privacy regulations, improve customer satisfaction, protect your reputation, lower costs, shorten response times and improve workflows.


  • Military strength encryption: AES 256
  • Compatible with all email services
  • Up to 100MB file & message size std (2GB optional)
  • Single sign-on support / OAuth2
  • SafeTLS inbox delivery
  • Outlook SecureMail plug-in
  • Web service APIs


  • Easy for senders and recipients
  • Minimizes compliance risks
  • End-to-end security
  • Supports compliance audits
  • Localized support (10 languages)
  • Integrate email encryption into apps, portals, CRMs and contact centers
Product and service specifications
Charging basis for consultancy work
• Fixed price
• MS SQL Server
Language used
• C++
• Java
Operating system
• Windows 10
Pricing structure
• Per seat
• Subscription-based
• Volume-based
• Other
User interface
• Web
email encryption; secure email; encrypted email; secure file exchange

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