Broadridge Price Master

Price Master is a centralized pricing and market data solution that collects and stores pricing data from multiple sources (e.g., data vendors, broker files, spreadsheets, text files, etc.) and keeps data quality metrics and views to support “golden” record creation across these multiple sources. It provides a flexible user interface for analyzing prices and defining pricing rules to comply with firm-wide pricing policy.


  • Comprehensive user interface for analyzing current and historical pricing information.
  • Pricing rule designer for creating custom pricing and valuation rules.
  • Complete audit trail of all historical prices, valuation rules, and pricing sources.
  • Standardized adapters to all leading market data providers (e.g., Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, IDC, Markit).
  • Fully automated pricing workflow from data collection to downstream posting.
  • Complete pricing and compliance report library (e.g., SSAE 16, price variances, price exceptions, etc.).
  • Automated reconciliation of internal pricing with 3rd party service providers (e.g., fund administrators, prime brokers, valuation services, etc.).
  • Message-based posting infrastructure with web services API for integration to downstream systems.


  • Automate the collection and validation of daily prices for accurate firm-wide valuations and reporting.
  • Maintain historical pricing and valuation data for auditing and compliance reporting.
  • Reduce data costs associated with pricing and valuation.
  • Allows investment managers to implement and track official pricing policies to be in full compliance with investors and auditors.
Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
Language used
• N/A
Operating system
• N/A
Pricing structure
• N/A
User interface
• Web