Broadridge Security Master

Security Master is a centralized reference data solution for managing security terms and conditions, and corporate actions.  The solution consolidates multiple sources of reference data into a single “Golden Copy” database for centralized operational control and distribution to downstream systems. The centralization of data significantly improves firm-wide data consistency and eliminates manual processes. By centralizing the management and distribution of security and corporate action information, Broadridge Security Master provides firm-wide data consistency, integrity and accuracy.

Centralized Corporate Action Processing

Security Master monitors all corporate action and portfolio event activity, and provides real-time alerts and a centralized operational view for managing, processing, and distributing activity to downstream systems.

Data Services

Broadridge provides a fully hosted market data solution which may be accessed remotely by clients as a replacement for any internal market data infrastructure. Clients may view and query the universe of security data remotely and post the selected security data into their local applications.

Data Services is a unique offering in the marketplace that significantly improves operational workflow, eliminates market data redundancy, and minimizes market data costs.


  • Complete global asset coverage for all listed and OTC security types.
  • Standardized adapters to industry-leading market data providers (e.g., Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Markit) and third-party products (e.g., Broadridge Portfolio Master, Advent’s Geneva® and Axys®, SunGard’s VPM™ and Front Arena™, Markit WSO™, Eze OMS™, Charles River Investment Management System™).
  • Real-time corporate action alerts via messages, emails and event-driven reporting.
  • Centralized operational view of all current and upcoming portfolio events (e.g., swaps resets and payments, expirations, maturities, etc.).
  • Legal entity information to support issuer exposure, risk and compliance requirements.
  • Centralized document management.
  • Data validation tools to track, monitor and manage incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Rules-based arbitration between data vendors to create blended “Golden Copy” database.
  • Message-based posting infrastructure with complete web services API for seamless integration with accounting, trading, risk and reporting applications.
  • Integration with Data Services and fully hosted market data infrastructure.



Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
Language used
• N/A
Operating system
• N/A
Pricing structure
• N/A
User interface
• Web
Security Master, Enterprise data management (EDM), Reference Data, Data outsourcing, managed service, Data ASP