FIS MarketMap Analytic Platform

The MarketMap Analytic Platform is a scalable, front-to-back market data and historical database solution for storing and managing high volumes of intraday and daily time-series data. Its powerful database and efficient, high-speed analytic environment enable you to store, manipulate and analyze decision-support data, macroeconomic trends, historical pricing data and more – centrally –reducing your internal hardware and IT footprint, while also improving visibility and control.
MarketMap Analytic Platform provides:
 True Analysis of Time-series Data – By combining vector-based storage and management of time-series data with analytical models, the MarketMap Analytic Platform improves forecasting capabilities, reduces risk exposure and enhances potential return on investment.

 MarketMap Managed Data – MarketMap Managed Data Services are hosted in FIS’ resilient data centers and provide access to global, high-quality, normalized data across more than 100 exchange and third-party data sources.

Leading-edge Data Warehousing Capabilities – Combined with business intelligence reporting tools, statistical data exchange portals and powerful analytic tools for the desktop.

 Comprehensive Coverage – Capabilities are designed to work with and enhance your general statistical business process. Data Collection, Management and Governance Tools – Improving control, access and security of sensitive information.

Subscription-based Software – Including free support and documentation, as well as professional service teams to customize the platform, so you only pay for what you need and use.

 Compliance with Industry and Regulatory Requirements – Improving data access and tracking of such compliance-related elements as fees, risk exposure, returns and other actionable current and historical data.

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