Video: Automation to drive evolution of financial services

By Tom Lemmon | 27 October 2020

In this bobsguide video, sponsored by FactSet, Drake Bushnell, VP director of content and technology solutions strategy at FactSet and Byron Bianco, managing director of BMO Capital Markets discussed how the use of data will change the financial services industry.

Asked what the future of data management looks like, Bianco said: “For sure, it’s going to be more and more automation. The trader-sales model that was the staple of capital markets for 50 years, I see that going away. In Europe, already you have to do all trades electronically if it’s in the bond market.”

In the video, Bushnell and Bianco discuss:

  • How the use of alternative data is driving experimentation and change in the industry
  • The importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • The value of people in data management
  • Implementation hurdles when adding new data solutions

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