New platform aims to transform cybersecurity

21 February 2019

A new software platform aims to transform cybersecurity by allowing managers to monitor the whole of their cybersecurity from one single screen.

ThreatAware is unique in bringing together cybersecurity tools and company-wide compliance procedures on one easy-to-use dashboard, which alerts users to threats, makes clear what actions need to be taken by whom and ensures they are followed up.

ThreatAware provides a complete framework to help businesses safeguard their operation and comply with GDPR and cybersecurity standards. Not only does it save time for IT staff, it allows them to check that managers in other departments are aware of and fulfilling their responsibilities.

ThreatAware has been launched by serial entrepreneurs Steve Thomson and Jon Abbott, co-founders of London-based MSP, Priority One. Steve is also the founder of data analytics specialist Ebiquity plc.

Jon Abbott, CEO of ThreatAware, said they had developed the platform in response to their own clients’ needs: “Despite the ever-increasing focus on cyber security, until now there has been no one product to show a business the current state of its protection. ThreatAware saves IT managers having to collect and interpret data from multiple security programs and allows them to see the whole picture at a glance.

“All too often cyber security is seen as the preserve of the IT department yet in reality it’s a company-wide challenge. By bringing together tools, people and processes on one screen, ThreatAware co-ordinates the roles of people throughout the business, ensuring everyone plays their part.”

ThreatAware operates with all best in class cybersecurity tools. Webroot Antivirus is bundled as standard and theenhanced package includes Cisco Umbrella and Automox, allowing the platform to detect all devices connected to the network and identify the users.

ThreatAware also comes complete with a framework to manage compliance with GDPR, Cyber Essentials or ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and can be tailored for specific needs, such as FCA-regulated firms.

The system provides automated, intelligent monitoring and generates clear red, amber or green alerts which remain visible until fixed. As changes are tracked over time, the IT team can monitor trends and be alerted to developing problems. With prices starting at £300 per month plus a small fee per computer, ThreatAware is ideal for firms with 35 to 500 users.

Jon Abbott said that with cybersecurity breaches becoming increasingly embarrassing and costly for businesses, ThreatAware fulfilled the need for a more comprehensive and systematic approach. “Regulators accept that it may not be possible to prevent every breach, but they expect organisations to comply with standards and have safeguards and monitoring in place,” he said.

“ThreatAware brings visibility to cybersecurity and not only minimises the risk of a breach, but also provides evidence that the business has taken all reasonable steps to prevent it.”


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