4 July 2018

Need to further develop management procedures of medium-sized insurance companies

In view of increasing regulation and pressure to generate income, medium-sized insurance companies in Germany and Austria are significantly expanding their risk management and asset-liability management (ALM) processes. The aim of these efforts is to make better use of existing entrepreneurial leeway and to identify risks and opportunities more quickly. This is a key result of our ALM study. At the end of 2017, zeb closely analyzed the need and options for action mid-sized insurance companies see with regard to asset-liability management and how this core area of corporate management can be further developed. The following three key questions built the basic framework for the study:

1.How does a future-proof ALM target image look like and what design features are there
2.Where does the industry stand with regard to this target image and which key development areas do they see?
3.What need for action and what design options are there for one’s own institution?

14 multi-line insurance providers with 70 solo entities in Germany and Austria, which have a total premium volume of EUR 30 bn, took part in the study. This represents a coverage of approx. 30% of the total market.

The full analysis of the study and additional insights you can find in the resource section within zeb's entry here at Bobsguide.

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