Fintalk podcast | MiFID II: So what happens now?

By Alex Hammond | 12 February 2018



After an 18 month hiatus, bobsguide’s Fintalk podcast has relaunched, kicking off with this month’s webinar The asset management landscape post-MiFID II implementation: So what happens now?

In this episode bobsguide is joined by Eduard Claassen, Project Portfolio Manager at Dutch pension administrator and asset manager MN, Cosmo Wisniewski, Director of asset management advisory specialists Citisoft, and Gernot Schmidt, Product Manager, Regulation, at leading asset management technology solution vendor SimCorp.

It is undisputable that MiFID II dominated the regulatory landscape in asset management for the past 12 months and beyond, with much of the dialogue focusing on the lack of clarity firms felt that they had received from the regulator on what MiFID II compliance should look like.

The cost of compliance, and the subsequent role fintech could play in minimizing those costs whilst satisfying the objectives of the regulator, was another facet of MiFID II that generated a huge amount of attention for firms.

So where do we stand now January 3 2018 has come and gone? Following all the uncertainty, do we now have a clearer picture of what the asset management landscape looks like in practice in a post-MiFID II world? Where should asset management firms now be in relation to MiFID II compliance? How will the regulator deal with firms that were not prepared for MiFID II implementation? And can MiFID II be immediately enforced?

The panel discusses these topics and more. We hope you enjoy the issue.

Look out for more episode of the Fintalk podcast, with new episdoes released bi-weekly. The Fintalk podcast is also available to be subscribed to in the iTunes podcast store.


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