Editor's picks: Developments in financial inclusion

By Alex Hammond | 9 June 2017

1. LexisNexis Risk Solutions Q&A on financial inclusion

Alex Hammond, Managing Editor, bobsguide

Bobsguide spoke to Thomas C. Brown, Senior Vice President, U.S. Commercial Markets and Global Market Development, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, to discuss the issue of financial inclusion for businesses and consumers, and how better data processing can assist assessing risk, opening a new market up for financial services firms

Bethan Cowper Head of International Marketing, Compass Plus
According to the World Bank, an estimated two billion working age adults worldwide – equating to just under 40 per cent of all adults – do not have access to formal, regulated banking facilities. Contrary to popular belief, these numbers aren’t just representative of the world’s poorer countries:
The lack of access to banking products affects every nation; from 14 per cent inclusion in the Middle East to 69 per cent in East Asia and the Pacific; the UK boasts in excess of 97 per cent financial inclusion, whilst in America, seven per cent of households are unbanked, with a further 20 per cent falling into the underbanked category.  
Alex Hammond, Managing Editor, bobsguide
Tony Seto has recently joined Freeman & Co., a U.S investment bank specialising in M&A and capital raising advisory services for the financial services industry, to lead its Payments and Banking fintech operations. 

In an exclusive interview with bobsguide, Tony gives his perspective on the state of the fintech M&A market in the U.S, and looks ahead at where the payments industry can expect growth in the future.


4. Banking on world trade: Driving global financial inclusion

Simon Paris, President, Misys

We are at a critical moment in history. After many years of globalisation and global free trade, we’re now witnessing a significant slowdown, as compared to GDP growth. In fact, 2016 was the fifth consecutive year of trade growth below 3%. On the edge of a major reversal and a possible dismantling of the trade apparatus we’ve had in place over the last 50 years – under Brexit and the new US presidency – it is time to step up and step out of what the OECD calls the low-growth trap. The goal: to boost world trade and make financial inclusion a reality.       


Alara Basul, Reporter, bobsguide

eter Crawley currently leads Citi’s franchise in South Africa and provides senior leadership in dealing with risk, franchise and business issues. He is also responsible for Citi’s treasury and trade business in Sub-Saharan Africa, spanning 11 presence and 26 non-presence countries.

Since Citi re-entered South Africa in 1995, it has grown to become the country’s sixth-largest commercial bank and its largest foreign bank. The institution focuses on the public sector and is also the third largest equity brokerage in South Africa, with capital and reserves representing over a quarter of the capital of all foreign banks in the country. bobsguide sat down with Peter to discuss his market outlook for the regions as well as understand how the fintech industry is evolving.

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