Editor's picks: Developments in SaaS

By Alex Hammond | 2 June 2017

1. The network effect of collateral management

Karl Wyborn, MD, Global Head of Sales, CloudMargin

As we have already witnessed, 2017 has and will continue to bring fundamental changes to regulations, challenging even the most robust operational teams across the industry who are asked to do more with less, on ever shorter deadlines. We look at the impact of collateral management within these functions that are pushed to their limits, and how shifts in technological approaches may help treasurers address these issues.

2. Payments-Platform-as-a-Service: A sea-change in payments hub delivery

Dagan Osovlansky, Group Leader, Product Management, D+H

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is now a standard delivery model across many industries—even financial services firms, representing a major shift in perspective.  The payments space, in particular, shows signs of further evolution of the delivery model. Banks and financial institutions faced with the classic challenges of implementing and maintaining a payments hub are now exploring a new service delivery model concept known as Payments-Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS).

3. Fund management software: How to select the right provider in 2017

Alex Hammond, Managing Editor, bobsguide

It is evident that the volume of information and level of analysis available to investors and portfolio managers in 2017 puts even greater emphasis on selecting the right fund management software. Fintech providers are constantly looking to improving the technology available to investors, in order to provide them with the fastest, most accurate, analytic data to inform decision-making.

But what factors should financial institutions and portfolio managers prioritise when considering purchasing new fund management software? Bobsguide asked several of the leading figures in the fund management industry to give us their perspective on the critical tech issues currently facing financial services.

4. Client reporting solutions: How to do more with less

Andrew Sherlock, Director and Co-Founder, Opus Nebula

Investment firms face ongoing pressures on their client reporting functions and are having to look for ways to do more with less. We believe the client reporting industry is entering a third phase in its evolution and one that can help firms to meet these challenges head on.

5. Are CASBs the answer to banking SaaS security issues?

Eduard Meelhuysen, Head of EMEA, Bitglass 

The benefits of cloud computing are now widely documented, but while some industries have leapt at the chance to migrate to cloud based services, the banking and finance sector has been relatively conservative, and for good reason. The stringent security and compliance regulations that govern this industry make the adoption of new technology a tricky business. Anything new must undergo extensive testing before implementation and wherever data security is concerned, the need to tread with caution is exceptionally high.

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