KYC Passport 3.0 - Enabling Enterprise Onboarding

8 July 2015

KYC Passport 3.0 is in live beta and launches officially in July 2015.

Following on from our Big Data release in January, the KYCnet team is thrilled to announce that our massive Enterprise Onboarding toolset is now ready for large scale use. We are running live with over 120 clients and 1,500 relationship managers across a wide range of legacy desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Release 3.0 features a future-proof "Mobile First and Always Responsive" design principle. The KYCnet team have also carefully calibrated the screens to ensure that even the smallest and most low-resolution mobile devices (and old CRT monitors!) can present the system clearly and completely.

The new Enterprise Onboarding feature-set also includes advanced field, question and rules conditionality, dynamic content presentation and advanced risk-weighting algorithms. These client requested developments were to further enable our clients advanced and ambitious use of Passport across their firms.

Passport history - from Beta to Utility to Big Data to Onboarding

KYCnet’s industry acclaimed KYC platform was designed and built in late 2012 and 2013 by the KYCnet services team for the KYC services team. Having invented the idea of KYC-as-a-service in 2008, we had acquired the necessary experience, envisioned the ideal future-state and selected the right technology to build what has become the best KYC services platform in the world - KYC Passport.

Our teams quickly cracked the KYC industrialisation basics and then went on to implement the world’s only end-to-end Utility service - reference data, ownership verification, screening and risk assessment - in 2013 and early 2014: dozens of clients and tens of thousand of merchants, SMEs, private and public corporates and financial institutions housed in secure multi tenant clouds; existing and new clients all leveraging KYCnet’s services and systems operational excellence, economies of scale and industry best practices quality.

In its evolution from a KYC Rules and Workflow system to a KYC Multi Tenant Utility platform to a KYC Big-Data repository to our new Enterprise Onboarding features, KYC Passport has had more than a dozen major releases. The KYCnet services teams continue to provide our development team with regular guidance, daily testing cycles and immediate unit development feedback. We continue to use KYC Passport - all day, every day.

KYC Passport is available in the cloud or on-premise - your choice. 

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