85 years of SIX Financial Information

6 July 2015

Yesterday, SIX Financial Information celebrated 85 years in the business

SIX Financial Information, one of the world's leading providers of financial information, has spent 85 years delivering high-quality data and value-added services for wealth and asset management. The company has withstood the test of time by staying true to its purpose – empowering clients to grow and innovate with high quality financial information.

SIX Financial Information gathers, processes, and delivers data on more than 16 million financial instruments for its clients around the globe. Today, the company is the world's second-oldest data supplier. The core business of reference data is the third-largest of its kind in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

As an underlying component of the Swiss value chain, SIX Financial Information is indispensable to the Swiss financial center. As the official registration authority of security numbers, it provides the principal identifiers for financial instruments for the Swiss Value Chain. SIX also provides its clients with over 100 terabytes of data every month.

“85 years in the business with the same ownership speaks for itself. I do not think many of our competitors can claim the same", says Robert Jeanbart, Division CEO SIX Financial Information. "Our focus, long-standing expertise and depth in the area of reference data have allowed us to anticipate the needs of our clients and to provide appropriate services. As such, our extensive information supports to meet the ever-increasing regulatory and tax requirements, or to make informed investment decisions and much more. As a reliable partner, we are committed to providing high quality and cost-effective reference data, enabling clients to optimize business operations and improve the satisfaction of their customers."

History of SIX Financial Information

On 5 July 1930, Ticker AG is founded by a consortium of Swiss banks and tasked with transmitting the rates of Zurich's stock exchange with the stock ticker.

Ticker AG introduces the world's first stock exchange television in 1961 as part of the technological progress and global economic growth of the time. The ongoing technological advances lead Telekurs (formerly Ticker AG) to launch Investdata, the first display system for online financial information, in1975. This enables clients to access financial information from Telekurs directly at their terminals. The database at that time contains 95,000 securities. 

Globalization causes Telekurs to expand internationally in 1986 and open its first external locations in Germany (1986), Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and New York (1987).

In 2007, the Telekurs Group takes over the financial information operations of the French-based Fininfo Group. The Telekurs Group, SWX Swiss Exchange, and SISSEGAInterSettle AG merge in 2008 to form SIX Group. The aim of the merger is to strengthen the company's market power. Telekurs Financial is renamed to SIX Telekurs and expands its global presence from 16 locations to 23.

The business begins operating under the name SIX Financial Information in 2012.

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