Ettenheim, Germany - 23 November 2012

  • Live Systems Successfully Updated to Patch Day 6
  • BELLIN Follows Megatrend “Connectivity” With Own Event

BELLIN has expanded tm5 functionality. On 14 November, the latest update was released for users of the treasury management system. “We continuously refine our solutions to ensure that the treasuries of our customers are always up to date,” Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of BELLIN GmbH, says about tm5 Patch Day 6.

Mobile Treasury in a New Design

This new release includes numerous features that improve daily treasury business processes of users worldwide. The tm5 Event Calendar that enables users to plan and review all actions and events has been completely redesigned. One of the PD6 highlights is the new navigation layout. “Working with tablets and smartphones every day has become a matter of course for our customers. We have implemented a completely new design and look forward to receiving feedback from our users,” Bellin explains. Design patterns common on mobile devices have strongly influenced the new layout, offering crossover opportunities for various applications in today's office environment.

Payments in Four Dimensions

Fully integrated four-dimensional payments represent a key aspect of the update. Direct connections from treasury departments worldwide to banks such as JPMorgan (USA), SEB (Sweden), Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays Bank (United Kingdom), as well as increased cooperation with Bank of America for processing electronic domestic payments in the United States, underline the system's success. Moreover, the release also adds full support for local payment formats in Italy, UK and Hong Kong to tm5. Advanced SEPA and SEPA derivative functionalities have been included as well as solutions for special topics of users in Switzerland and Austria. For Germany, various SEPA features around direct debits have been enhanced. Daily limits for accounts, complex password assignment rules, and optional tokens for secure payment approval are some of the new process topics extending the global multi-country and multi-bank capabilities of tm5.

More Standard Reporting Options

Additional reporting features have been added to the already substantial options of standard tm5 installations. Customers are not required to develop or commission the development of their own reports to access all information comfortably. Users have easy access to all data even without advanced IT skills. Due to increasing refinancing complexity, companies require more complex representation alternatives. This has been considered in the recent release. “Our customers find innovative means to react to reduced liquidity availability,” Bellin explains the motivation for the system update.

Automated Processes

In addition to application-related features, BELLIN has also expanded its service portfolio. Advanced BELLIN Process Automation targets customers requiring complete automation for certain recurring processes. “We offer our customers the option to have all manual process steps carried out by a machine/robot,” Bellin states to explain the service, which involves an additional computer that keeps schedules and instructions for automated actions constantly available. “Our solution was designed to meet all requirements arising from the heterogeneous use of tm5 in different industries, countries and cultures.” Among its classic use cases are automated bank statement processing and market data collection. Martin Bellin comments: “We are delighted to not just take a few cautious steps with BELLIN Process Automation, but to go all the way in automating processes.”

Trend Towards Connectivity

BELLIN will present all new features of tm5 at the 1st TREASURY CONVENTION. The event is more than a user meeting. It is aimed at financial managers and experts seeking an opportunity for intensive exchange with their peers. “The greatest challenge lies not in the optimal use of treasury management software, but in the knowledge and experience exchange of its users,” Bellin says. “We bring together customers, partners and service providers to share and discuss core topics of treasury.” This is why 1TC will take place at Europa-Park (Germany) under the motto “Meet, talk, learn & enjoy!”

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