Sibos - key sessions and social networking opportunties

8 September 2011

SWIFT outline key sessions and how to use social media technology to engage with the debate...

With Sibos 2011 now less than two weeks away, it is all hands on deck for organisers, exhibitors and delegates preparing for their trip to Toronto. For the latter, the question of which companies to speak to and which conference sessions to attend are now at the forefront of preparations.

Attendees need to pick their way through the main areas of debate at the conference; Regulation re-visited, Changing landscape - new expectations, Global perspectives and Technology. However, contained within these topics are numerous strands of discussion, which drill down deeper into these areas. bobsguide asked Kara Condon, head of Sibos marketing communications and public affairs at SWIFT, what she thought would be the key sessions and how attendees will be able to utilise social media and smartphone technology to engage in this year’s debate.

Although the main themes follow on from past years, technology is certainly more prominent in the 2011 itinerary than ever before. Kara said that a dedicated IT stream and the positioning of a technology plenary ahead of the welcome address emphasises the importance of the topic to the SWIFT community. In the Re-Imagine IT session, Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard will be talking through four trends predicted to transform IT and drive economic change. The session should provide an “interesting look into the future of technology within the banking world” and how it will evolve over the next ten years, she explained.

The SWIFT representative outlined how technology will also be a feature of the Changing landscapes - new expectations stream. Innotribe, a SWIFT initiative set up to broker and grow new ideas within the financial technology sector, will look at the opportunities and challenges presented by innovation. The programme includes cloud computing, data management, social media, big data, mobile banking, digital identity and corporate structures. Brett King, author of the best-selling BANK 2.0, will be talking at the opening Innotribe session as well as providing a keynote address during the Closing plenary.

In terms of Regulation-revisited, Kara explained that sessions focussing on Basel III, the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) and exchange consolidation will all be hot topics. She also highlighted the SWIFT programme of events and the In Conversation sessions between a journalist and banking chief as especially worth attending.

Social networking

As well as interacting in the panel sessions and on the conference floor, delegates will be able to utilise a whole host of new technology to engage with one another at this year’s Sibos. The increasing use of social media should ensure that debate and discussion does not just end once a panel session has closed.

Since Sibos in Amsterdam, the adoption of Twitter by financial professionals has been rapid, and is a development reflected in SWIFT’s accommodation of the platform at the event. As well as Sibos TV, which will broadcast debate on screens around the conference centre and before talks, a Sibos App for iPad ,iPhone and Android devices has recently been launched to enhance the visitor experience. A special site will also be available for Blackberry users.

Kara said: “We are already getting a lot of positive feedback from the market about the new app. It allows delegates to view the conference programme, highlight the most relevant events and add meetings to their calendar.

“Delegates will also be able to look up participants who agreed to share their information while exhibitor details, a floor plan and lists of product and publications will also be available.”

Sibos is using Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr as its official social media channels while Virtual Sibos will be set up to enable attendees to catch up on what was discussed once the event has finished. This will platform which will be open from the Monday after Sibos to all delegates until the end of 2011. Kara said that as with the other communication platform on offer, this should prove to be a really helpful way of recapping and gaining greater insight into Sibos discussion.

By Jim Ottewill

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