Spearhead takes on global distribution of the Exchange Guide

London - 5 September 2011

Spearhead and Partners Ltd., the Outsourcing and Market Data Practitioners, have signed a global agreement to distribute “The Exchange Guide”, the newly developed online database. The system provides single point access to a global databank which contains all available information worldwide, relating to exchange pricing, usage and compliance terms. Equally customers can permission in‐house specific information to be stored and shared in‐house within The Exchange Guide.

The Exchange Guide provides comprehensive, accurate and up‐to‐date information for all compliance and financial professionals. Exchange data is formatted in such a way as to enable users to, search, analyse and compare the pricing, terms and conditions of multiple exchanges. This provides users with a significant advantage over their competitors in terms of better business decision making capabilities. Customer feedback is incorporated, ensuring all subscribers have access to the same up‐to‐date information.

Today the Exchange Guide currently supplies information for more than 50 of the world’s leading exchanges and MTFs. The inherent flexibly of the solution enables new exchanges and MTFs to be incorporated quickly and easily driven by client requirements. The Guide is accessed via a web browser and provides extensive search and filtering capabilities. The same data can also be made available via a connectivity toolkit in external applications. The system supports all well known browsers and mobile devices.

“All exchanges have their own proprietary terms and it is not usual for two exchanges to have the same rules. Exchange terms attract fees and incorporate other compliance requirements such as audits. Top of the agenda for all financial institutions today is the need to be exchange and vendor compliant at all times. Every day important business decisions concerning exchange dealings are being made based on exchange rules and fees. Until now there has been no single source of reference to support this requirement.

The wealth of current and historic information provided by the “Exchange Guide” makes it a must when dealing with exchange audits and in‐house compliance management.” Said Douglas Winton, CEO Spearhead and Partners.

A major advantage of The Exchange Guide online database is its modern intuitive design. The database is simplicity itself. It is maintained on a concurrent basis allowing customers to access up to date and accurate information and securely store their own proprietary information. Today, The Exchange Guide has customers ranging from major international investment banks to high volume processors of real time market data.

Currently the Spearhead distribution channels cover London, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Zürich. Further distribution channels are being arranged in Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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