Turnover at Deutsche Börse’s cash market at 1.32 trillion euros in 2010

4 January 2011

Turnover at Deutsche Börse’s cash market at 1.32 trillion euros in 2010 Turnover at 92.9 billion euros in December/ Number of transactions on Xetra up 39 percent in December

In 2010, 1.32 trillion euros were turned over at the cash market of Deutsche Börse. This is an increase of 16 percent compared to 2009 (1.14 trillion euros). With 1.24 trillion euros the fully electronic trading system Xetra accounted for the largest part of this order book turnover (2009: 1.06 trillion euros). 78.8 billion euros were traded on the floor at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (2009: 77.5 billion euros). All exchanges in Germany turned over 1.48 trillion euros, an increase of 13 percent (2009: 1.31 trillion euros).

In December 2010, 92.9 billion euros were turned over on Xetra and the Frankfurt floor. This order book turnover is up 14 percent compared to December 2009 (81.2 billion euros). Thereof, 86.7 billion euros were traded on Xetra (up 15 percent; December 2009: 75.5 billion euros). 6.2 billion euros were traded on the floor at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – an increase by 9 percent (December 2009: 5.7 billion euros).

Turnover in German equities on Deutsche Börse’s cash markets amounted to 74.4 billion euros in December, while foreign equities turnover stood at 3.4 billion euros. Xetra and the floor at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange accounted for 97 percent of the transaction volume in German equities on all stock exchanges in Germany. 78 percent of foreign equities traded on stock exchanges in Germany were traded on Xetra and on the floor in Frankfurt.

In December, 14.6 million transactions were executed on Xetra, an increase of 39 percent against the same month last year (December 2009: 10.5 million).

According to the Xetra liquidity measure (XLM), Siemens AG was the most liquid DAX blue chip in December with 4.81 basis points (bp) for an order volume of 100,000 euros. Salzgitter AG was the most liquid MDAX stock with 15.49 bp.

The most liquid ETF was db x-trackers ETF II-EONIA T.R. 1C with 0.46 bp. The most liquid foreign stock was Nokia Corp. with 11.21 bp. XLM measures liquidity in electronic securities trading on the basis of the implicit transaction costs.

It is expressed in basis points (1 bp = 0.01 percent); a low XLM denotes high liquidity in a security.

Siemens AG was the strongest DAX stock on Xetra in December at 5.3 billion euros. Lanxess AG was the top MDAX stock at 574.1 million euros, while Deutz AG led the SDAX at 137.2 million euros, and Aixtron SE headed the TecDAX index at 884.7 million euros. At 1.1 billion euros, the iShares DAX was the exchange-traded fund with the highest turnover.

On all stock exchanges in Germany, some 107 billion euros were traded in December according to order book turnover statistics – an increase by 16 percent compared year-on-year (December 2009: 92.3 billion euros).

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