Last Call for Participants in Two Important Industry Surveys

31 January 2011

In 2011, Barrington Partners is conducting two focused industry surveys on issues increasingly important to mutual fund companies.

Our biannual Fund Accounting Cost Survey has global participants and surveys the costs and volumes of fund accounting on a very structured equal basis. The survey examines a breakdown of costs, comparability of one complex to another (through a breakdown of the underlying holdings), automation, standards, quality, and staffing/locations. The components include Fund Accounting, Tax Preparation, Fund Administration and Legal Administration.

This survey currently has 14 participants that make up over $3t in AUM. The pre-survey participant call will take place on February 1.

Barrington’s biannual Transfer Agency Cost Survey (US-based) addresses the issue that there is no available source for an accurate and standardized reflection of transfer agency costs. This survey employs a very structured breakdown of costs by distribution channel, which is critical for the comparison of costs. The survey also considers processing volumes and metrics, as well as profit margins.

The goal of this report (our fifth edition) is to furnish fund boards with complete and accurate data in a standard, comparable format that allows each firm to compare its true transfer agency costs with those of the other participating firms. To date, 26 firms have agreed to participate. The pre-survey participant call will take place on February 23.

All Barrington Partners survey results are available only to the participants. Each participant receives a customized report that compares their detailed data to non-attributed data for all other participants.

We’d like to urge you to consider the value to your firm of participating in one or both of these surveys. The mutual fund industry continues to mature and grow ever more competitive. Our long experience in the industry tells us those firms with a genuine understanding of their real costs hold an important advantage.

For more information on participating in these surveys, please contact:

Ellen Pedro, 617.320.9918, Judy Benson, 617.482.3303,, Hubbard Garber, 617.482.3300,

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