ETNA Software officially unveils ETNA Robot 1.2 – a robust algo trading solution.

New York - 31 January 2011

ETNA Software has launched a new version of its complex solution for algorithmic trading.

ETNA Robot is a robust solution for anyone who is looking for a low latency and high frequency automated trading platform. With 2000 orders per sec on a basic 4-core Xeon and impressive 3000+ on a 24-core config it lets clients run custom strategies written in native Java or C#.

Distributed architecture and the ability to install in client’s environment provide a means for ETNA Robot to run hundreds of strategies for any asset class and make it an ideal solution for funds. ETNA Robot can be integrated with any market in the world through the latest FIX or direct API connection versions.

“ETNA Robot is also appropriate for big retail traders”, - said Roman Zhukov, ETNA Software CEO. “Due to flexible pricing models and advanced scripting strategies it becomes a handy tool for everyone who aims at going beyond mediocre performance of desktop trading platforms”.

It comes handy particularly during market moving events when speed of generating signals and execution is crucial to overall profitability.
Deployment can be accomplished in two weeks’ time thus enabling a stunning time to market for client’s strategies.

ETNA Software Corp was founded in 2002 with HQ in New York and two development centers in Eastern Europe.

ETNA Software makes specialties of trading platforms, algorithmic trading, asset allocation and portfolio management tools and FIX connectivity.

A proud member of FIX Protocol, ETNA Software is continuously refining on its market connectivity solutions and offering rapid and reliable connections to every market data feed.

ETNA products are well-recognized and were awarded a prestigious Barrons Magazine Awards.

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