ConvergEx Announces Winners of Jaywalk Independent Research Provider Performance Awards for Fourth Quarter 2010

New York - 28 January 2011

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, today announced the results of its Jaywalk Independent Research Provider Performance Awards for the fourth quarter of 2010. This program seeks to recognize Jaywalk’s Independent Research Providers (IRPs) for their exceptional research recommendations.

“We are pleased to honor these IRPs whose established track records and tremendous insights make them some of the most sought after experts in the industry,” commented John Meserve, chief executive officer of ConvergEx Research Solutions.

“Even as global markets show hints of recovery, they remain highly unpredictable. The IRPs we recognize today provided exceptional investment recommendations that have proven to be enormously valuable to clients during these uncertain times,” said Nicholas Colas, ConvergEx Group chief market strategist.

Performance statistics were calculated by Abacus Analytics using data from the beginning of October through the end of December 2010. Abacus’ metrics focus on the degree to which an IRP’s equal-weighted portfolio of Buy/Positive ratings outperformed their equal-weighted portfolio of Sell/Negative ratings.

The winners are:

Best Bullish Stock Selection
Zacks Investment Research
Columbine Capital Services

Best Bearish Stock Selection
TheStreet Ratings

Best Overall Stock Selection
Tokeneke Research LLC
Market Edge Research

*Note the top awards are for firms that cover fewer than 1,000 names and the bottom firm covers more than 1000 names.

Director’s Choice Award
Ford Equity Research

About the Awards

Best Bullish Stock Selection identifies IRPs whose buy calls most outperformed their coverage, scaled by their aggressiveness in making bullish recommendations.

Zacks Investment Research
Chicago-based Zacks Investment Research, founded in 1978, provides institutional investors and financial advisors with individual investment data, market data systems, proprietary quantitative models and analyst written research. Zacks provides individual investors at with investment advice through Zacks Independent Research, its web-based Zacks Premium, and Trading Services and through an RIA subsidiary, Zacks Investment Management, that manages hedge funds and separate accounts. A key element of Zacks methodology is the Zacks Rank, a stock scoring system, which has been utilized for over 20 years to rate US stocks.

Columbine Capital Services
Columbine Capital Services is an independent equity research firm with offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Founded in 1976, Columbine Capital provides quantitative research and consulting services to professional money managers and large institutions worldwide. Following the firm's philosophy that winning investment strategies are based on facts, not theories, Columbine Capital has been conducting original studies into the historical sources of stock return for decades. This knowledge provides the foundation for a disciplined, step-by-step analytical process that allows direct comparisons between companies.

Best Bearish Stock Selection identifies IRPs whose sell calls most underperformed their coverage, scaled by their aggressiveness in making bearish recommendations. is a Millburn, NJ, based Independent Research Firm that has been serving the needs of IPO investors with comprehensive IPO coverage since 1990. IPOfinancial's view on IPOs is that they are hybrid public companies in a transition stage. The sudden infusion of capital into an IPO company can accelerate its results previously outlined in the financials of their S-1 filing. The perception of this condition can often rapidly over-inflate the performance of the stock in the aftermarket. IPOfinancial places heavy weighting on this financial 'IPO Effect', and continues to evaluate the impact on this potential condition over a period of up to 1 year from the time the stocks first come public.

TheStreet Ratings
TheStreet Ratings is a primary supplier of independent, unbiased investment research. The firm's recommendations are derived from a quantitative model that integrates multiple factors, including fundamental and technical inputs, as well as valuation factors and risk assessment. This model is supplemented by qualitative analysis from an experienced staff of analysts that provide their insight and sector expertise.

Best Overall Stock Selection

Tokeneke Research
Tokeneke Research is an independent research firm specializing in semiconductor industry business issues, providing fundamental research focused on US equities across all market capitalizations within the sector to investors. The Company’s offering includes: (i) a monthly, summarized review of noteworthy industry business developments, sales statistics, and sector equity market performance, as well as a near-term and annual outlook for sector business fundamentals and share prices; (ii) various industry-related reports that include a semi-annual forecast update, product and end-market reviews, regular fundamental and valuation perspectives on sector equity relationships, and an industry introduction and overview; (iii) fundamental research on individual sector equities, including earnings estimates and customized valuation analysis, and; (iv) special projects and access.

Market Edge Research
Market Edge Research, a service of Computrade Systems, Inc., uses a wide array of investment criteria for its quantitative model, the Market Edge Equity Research Report. The report focuses on valuation, profitability, balance sheet strength, and growth potential to guide investors through an objective analysis of over 4,000 securities and ETFs. In addition, each security is compared to its industry group to determine how it is valued relative to its peers. A final analysis is performed to determine if a stock fits the fundamental characteristics of a growth, momentum, or value stock.

Director’s Choice Award is to acknowledge forward-thinking excellence in the overall business strategy of a particular IRP. The business strategies of the IRPs were evaluated in a recent survey conducted by Jaywalk. As adaptation is critical to success in this rapidly changing industry, the recipient of this award has invested in new initiatives to increase the scope of its offerings and the appeal of its products to the demanding institutional investor community.

Ford Equity Research
For 40 years, Ford Equity Research has been utilizing rigorous data collection and analysis methods to provide independent research to the investment community. The Ford investment process seeks to evaluate the relative performance potential of stocks by classifying them based on a complementary set of proprietary factors. These factors give valuable insight into operating earnings per share trends, relative valuation, and timeliness. Both the earnings momentum measure and the current valuation that result from the analysis of a company's stock are blended with a long-term and short-term price performance study to yield Ford's investment recommendation.

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