Deutsche Bank’s iPhone trial sees ‘positive results’

26 January 2011

An internal trial of iPhone technology at Deutsche Bank has been described as “overwhelmingly positive” in a new report.

The mobile device was tested alongside Good Technology’s secure email application for a two month period at the financial services provider.

Deutsche Bank tested the ability of both the iPhone and the application to provide email and calendar data to mobile users working for the institution.

Many users were found to favour Apple’s device over Research in Motion’s BlackBerry as the former allowed them to manage their business email accounts as well as any set up for personal use.

Chris Whitmore, research analyst at Deutsche Bank, said: "We found enterprise email on iPhone was a fantastic experience as it was easier/faster to access data (touch UI) than on the Blackberry. It was also great to only have to carry one device for personal and corporate email access."

The research found that although the iPhone advantages outweighed the negatives, there were some features which some users felt were missing from the new device.

Findings from the study showed that some missed the BlackBerry’s flashing red light to indicate new email while the inability of the iPhone to download emails while other applications were running was also noted.

By Jim Ottewill

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