OpenText awarded framework agreement for government digital data management

19 January 2011

The National Archives approves Open Text as provider for public sector Digital Continuity project

OpenText, the content management experts, have been awarded a framework agreement for Digital Continuity, developed by Buying Solutions and The National Archives as part of the government’s project to improve digital information management throughout the public sector.Digital continuity is the ability to use your information in the way that you need, for as long as you need. Usable information is essential if the public sector is to operate transparently, legally and accountably.

The Digital Continuity Framework is part of a broader Digital Continuity Service offered by The National Archives and provides a shortlist of suppliers which can be accessed by anyone in the public sector to help them manage their digital continuity. OpenText has been awarded a framework agreement for two Lots: digital archiving solutions and data quality solutions.

OpenText’s Senior Account Manager for Central Government, Stephen Walsh, said: “The exponential growth in digital data volumes presents a challenge to any organisation; but it places particularly huge demands on public sector organisations. Without effective data management systems in place, digital information can become incomplete, unavailable or unusable over time. If government bodies cannot guarantee access to this data, it will have a serious negative impact service provision to the public – and also threatens their ability to operate legally.

“The Government fully appreciates the necessity of managing digital continuity, but it’s often difficult for individual public sector organisations to know how to improve their digital information management, or how to procure technology and services that will help them do this.

The Digital Continuity Framework is an extremely welcome tool that makes it easy for the public sector to procure the tools they need to manage this mountain of digital data,” continued Walsh.

The Digital Continuity framework agreement is for two years, with the option to extend it for two additional one year periods. The criteria for the Data Quality Solutions Lot of the framework required technology that enables users to access data from a variety of structured data sources; relate data between distinct data sources; and profile the data using patterns, rules and statistical methods. It also required the ability to drill-down into the actual data from a profile produced by the technology; provide a range of reporting options; and suggest or fix identified data quality issues.

The Digital Archiving Solutions Lot specified technology that can acquire information from a live system into the archive; manage retention policies applied to the archived information; place archived items on hold to override any other retention policy; and ensure the integrity of the archived information. Furthermore, it must enable user discovery and retrieval of the archived information; report on the contents of the archive; control access to the content of the archive and record provenance data about items transferred into the archive.

“The award of the framework agreement for Digital Continuity recognizes OpenText’s expertise in the field of digital data management; and we look forward to working with public sector bodies to help them ensure that key digital information remains accessible and useable in the long term,” concluded Walsh.

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