Failure of Business-Critical Systems Costs Finance Organisations in the UK more than 550,000* Lost Man Hours

Ditton Park, UK - 19 January 2011

When IT systems are compromised employee productivity drops by over a third, according to a study from CA Technologies

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today released new research findings revealing that on average finance organisations in the UK are collectively losing over 550,000* man hours each year through lost employee productivity during IT outages. CA Technologies believes that if organisations improve the robustness of their data protection strategies and data recovery speed, much of this productivity dip could be avoided.

Findings from CA Technologies ‘Avoidable Cost of Downtime’ Study of 200 organisations across the UK, of which part focused on the finance sector, reveals that on average each finance organisation in the UK is losing 531 man hours a year through IT downtime. This is more than the average organisation in the UK, which loses 502 man hours per year.

During periods of IT downtime, finance organisations that were asked reported that affected employees can only work at 63 percent of their usual productivity. When systems are back in operation but data still needs to be recovered, employees still cannot work at their usual rate, with productivity levels climbing to just 80 percent. This is still concerning as the time taken to recover the lost data can be nearly as long as the outage itself. With the average organisation reporting 31 staff being affected per outage, and each averaging 18 hours downtime and recovery time a year, this quickly adds up.

Andy Brewerton, Senior Director of Business Development EMEA and Asia-Pacific, Data Management Customer Solutions Unit, CA Technologies, said: “Currently the majority of jobs across the UK are dependent to some extent on IT systems and this is certainly true in the finance sector. When these fail it can have a disastrous effect on staff productivity and this affects the bottom line. Fortunately, much of this drop in productivity levels can be avoided.”

“Although organisations may think the disaster recovery policies they have in place are sufficient, many fail to to think about the speed of recovery in the event of an IT outage” added Andy Brewerton. “The longer it takes for data to be recovered, the less productive the organisation is as a whole and the less competitive they become. With the correct data recovery solution in place, this becomes less of an issue.”

Other key findings from the survey included:

• The departments most likely to suffer during downtime were operations (84 per cent), finance (48 percent) and HR/personnel (40 percent).
• In each outage organisations suffered an average of 10 hours downtime and 8 hours recovery time.

* 564,294 hours

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