SunGard's Monis Analyzer Enhances Functionality For Sales Trading Operations

London - 18 January 2011

SunGard has released a new version of Monis Analyzer, its specialized front-office system for analysis, trading and risk management of convertible bonds and other equity-linked securities. Monis Analyzer version 10.2 provides improved functionality for convertible bond sales trading operations, helping customers to improve their efficiency when managing complex order books and provides greater transparency into trading opportunities. It helps customers to trade, manage and hedge convertible securities in all their complexity and variety.

EDHECreport convertible arbitrage as the best-performing strategy of 2010 (November 2010). According to Morningstar, the volume of convertible bond new issues improved over the third quarter of 2010, and there was an increasedappetite for high-yield bonds (October 2010).

Enhancements to Monis Analyzer include a new portfolio which helps traders build order books and monitor multiple potential client orders on any individual bond or group of bonds. Users can store information on each order including status, underlying instrument, salesperson and bond buy/sell price. The original bid and reference details are dollar nuked as the share price evolves, helping to provide a clear and consistent comparison against the current house price. Signals are automatically generated when a client order is matched, helping customers to identify trading opportunities in real-time. Additionally, Monis Analyzer version 10.2 provides sophisticated search capabilities, helping customers to easily filter orders by issue date, trader, client or instrument.

Gavin Lee, chief operating officer of SunGard's Monis business unit, said, “To succeed with a convertible strategy in this highly competitive market, sales traders need a robust system which can track numerous orders across instruments, and clearly indicate when potential trades arise. This new release of Monis Analyzer encompasses functionality to help efficiently manage a sales trading desk, and will help improve our customers’ efficiency when trading convertible bonds. As specialists in the convertibles market, we are continually developing Monis to provide intuitive coverage for all sections of the convertible market.”

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