Investec goes live with GCMS (Global Clearing Management System) from Securities & Trading Technology

Johannesburg - 14 January 2011

Investec goes live with STT’s GCMS (Global Clearing Management System) system. The implementation took 6 months from start to go-live, true testament to the partnership between Investec and STT’s project teams.

We are excited to work with STT and to use the GCMS system to its full potential. We are also looking forward to enhancing the features and functionalities of the system.

The GCMS system was designed on top of a Microsoft Ms SQL database in a .Net executable environment allowing the clients the facility to excavate information seamlessly. Subsequently, complex trading strategies can be developed based on historical data highlighted by market trends, making GCMS an invaluable management tool. The chronological records will simplify the mandatory annual audit process.

GCMS is a powerful reporting tool using Crystal Decisions Reporting © which allows the user to provide professional, creditable reports to either downstream systems or their respective valued customers, in a number of different formats. GCMS interfaces directly with resident email servers or clients (on either SMTP or MAPI protocol) which enhance the dissemination and interface processes greatly.

GCMS offers an extensive book-keeping module which provides a netted effect of customer financial standing and subsequent implicated risk, profit-and-loss and collateral balance.

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