SAGE reviewed in IBS Wealth Management Technology Vendor Report. Prospero as a serious contender in wealth management systems

09 August 2010

IBS Intelligence, the leading consulting and research firm dedicated to the financial technology industry, recently published a report that analyzed and reviewed wealth management system offerings of leading international technology vendors in the wealth management core system market. The report was managed by Martin Whybrow, editor of IBS Intelligence (previously IBS Journal).

The IBS Intelligence-Wealth Management Systems Market Report 2010 evaluated the wealth management systems offered by 16 select technology vendors, including SAGE SA, a leading financial technology firm specialized in the development of banking solutions. The report only included systems that not only covers the core processing aspect but is also specifically tailored to the wealth management industry. All systems included in the report have been sold on an international basis.

The report described the functionality and modularity features of SAGE’s flagship wealth management product offering, Prospero, a serious contender in the wealth management market. The system works on latest technology and enables all functionalities to be rolled out entirely via a table-driven environment, eliminating the need for coding and proprietary scripts to manipulate.

The report also noted that Prospero takers are institutions that span all sizes and that SAGE has also gone international, earlier than most of the vendors in terms of clients and users outside of its Switzerland base. It also mentioned that “The breadth of the system means it also competes with some specialists, in areas such as asset management.” The report concluded that SAGE offers in Prospero a broad and flexible system for the Wealth Management market.

SAGE is proud of the inclusion of Prospero in the study as it confirms its competitiveness and credibility in the wealth management area, especially since this is not the first time that Prospero has been reviewed. Prospero was previously ranked in Celent’s study of top European wealth management vendors.

SAGE’s CEO, Jean-Luc Freymond, states that, “The IBS report reaffirms SAGE’s experience and readiness in delivering new and reliable technology for the wealth management sector.” Freymond emphasizes that, “SAGE is confident in its challenge to further grow globally as we endeavor to become the solution of choice for global financial institutions. We have adopted an innovative model that adapts to the economic downturn: fast and modular rollout, pay-per-use model and handing of simple and complex financial products. This model improves firms’ ROI and increases the conversion rates of leads to clients.”

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