Focus on FigaroWEB

4 August 2010

Figaro’s web platform, FigaroWEB is an internet application framework that allows Figaro users to provide a branded online platform for end-clients and fund managers.

FigaroWEB incorporates a content management system and site editor so that the appearance and branding can be easily managed. This allows our clients to develop and deliver multiple websites from one application set, enabling considerable flexibility in how they provide web trading or enquiry services both internally and to end-clients.

Figaro’s web platform is aimed at all product types including discretionary, advisory and execution-only clients and may be tailored to present different users with the appropriate functionality.

FigaroWEB brings together all the core elements of on-line stockbroking to deliver a secure trading environment for clients.

FigaroWEB provides a consolidated client view, showing all assets including Stock, Shares, Pension, ISA, SIPP, Life Insurance and any other items. The system can be deployed quickly and easily and delivers the full range of functionality and information required, including:

Account Enquiry

Real-time Valuations and Balances
Statements and transaction history
Access to contract notes, statements, valuation packs and reports

Customer Communication

Secure Messaging
Corporate Action information and response input for optional events

News and Research

Stock search
Integrated live (or 15 min delayed) price feed
Link to on-line market data providers

Online Dealing Services

Active Orders
Buy / Sell / Raise / Invest functions
Buy shares or invest money options
Alerts – SMS and email
Limit Order Processing
Stock Baskets
Fantasy Portfolios

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