Code Red sees significant growth in 2010; Continued Expansion into Fund of Funds and Endowments; Enhanced Integration with Capital IQ/Alpha Theory

Boston, MA - 4 August 2010

Code Red, Inc., the leading technology provider of investment research management systems has seen significant client growth in the first half of 2010. Code Red saw its client count increase by over 40% in the first half of 2010 alone, which is on top of a very successful 2009. Further, Code Red continued to expand its presence within Fund of Funds and university endowments, as well as new hedge funds and institutional asset managers.

Marquee new clients include one of the top five largest global hedge fund managers, the MIT and Dartmouth Endowments, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, and Entrust Capital in New York. In addition, several of Code Red’s new clients were replacements of competitive systems.

During the spring of 2010, Code Red also completed enhanced integration projects between its flagship product Red Alerts RMS™ and both Capital IQ™ and Alpha Theory™. Red Alerts RMS can now display thousands of possible financial and fundamental data fields available with Capital IQ alongside the investment firms own proprietary data and models. The Capital IQ data can be used to stamp metrics on entering notes, or can be employed in calculations such as price target calculations or P&L using the rich workflow capabilities of RedAlerts RMS. In addition, Capital IQ’s “Click Through” technology is now available throughout RedAlerts RMS, allowed users to see the breakdown of any reported number and instantly trace to its exact location in the source financial filing.

With Alpha Theory, as analysts and portfolio managers enter and update price targets inside Red Alerts RMS, the data can synchronize with Alpha Theory’s Fundamental Portfolio Management platform. Alpha Theory then analyzes a firm’s positions, weights, price targets, and convictions and displays the portfolio that maximizes return and reduces risk. This integration completes the investment circle that begins with the idea, extends through the research process, and continues to position sizing.

“Together, Alpha Theory and Code Red solve the biggest challenge facing many managers today – turning their research into a portfolio,” said Cameron Hight, President and CEO of Alpha Theory. “Our new Code Red integration provides a holistic research, risk, and portfolio management solution that is critical for an effective, streamlined investment process”

“Investment firms continue to focus on improving infrastructure from a compliance and workflow perspective. Productivity tools like RedAlerts RMS help firms process more information more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage against their peers,” said Tim Gavin, Chief Executive Office of Code Red. “Further, by tightening our integration with such powerful data and analysis providers like Capital IQ and Alpha Theory, Code Red continues to offer our quickly growing client set with even better tools to help them in their investment decisions.”

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