'Natwest Three' bullied into guilty plea, banker claims

17 August 2010

One of the ‘Natwest Three’ has claimed their guilty pleas were extracted from them under duress, reports have claimed.

Gary Mulgrew, David Bermingham and Giles Darby were three businessmen extradited to the US after they were accused of stealing $7.3 million from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

The three executives, who were convicted of the crime, have recently been released from prison after serving half of their 37-month term.

In an interview with Ungagged.net, Mr Mulgrew criticised the workings of the US justice system and the way they were treated.

Mr Mulgrew, who was quoted by the Daily Telegraph, said: "You took me away from my family, my friends. My daughter's missing me, my son's heartbroken. What bit of pressure do you not understand?

"Torture takes many forms. You keep delaying the trial and delaying the trial. It's one of the [Department of Justice's] simplest cards to play with us, delay the trial."

The men, who were convicted in November 2007, were ordered to pay the $7.3 billion back as part of a settlement following a trial in Texas.

By Jim Ottewill

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