Continued performance by theScreener Research

16 August 2010

During the first half of 2010, theScreener delivered a significant outperformance relative to the respective indices by using its ratings-based approach.

Comparing the performance of major European, U.S., Swiss, German, Italian and French markets, theScreener outperformed the blended performance of these markets by 9% (theScreener performance +1.8 % vs. -7.2%).

Alain Farwagi, co-founder of theScreener, stated that these results are a clear confirmation that theScreeners objective analysis is successful:

"The assessments and systematic consideration of risk have proven that our customers can continue to rely on theScreener objective guidance, especially in volatile markets."

The delivery of the objective ratings is measured continuously by means of a standardized method, and has clearly outperformed the indices in the past, as seen in diagram.

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