SunGard’s Asset Arena Launches Client Portal

11 February 2009

SunGard’s Asset Arena has launched a Client Portal module, an online reporting and client communication tool available with its Asset Arena solution suite. The Asset Arena Client Portal module is an interactive, multi-lingual Web-based portal that gives asset managers and fund administrators access to customizable reports and analysis on topics such as performance measurement and compliance.

Asset Arena’s Client Portal has been developed using SunGard’s Infinity*. It has a scalable service oriented architecture that facilitates integration with third party applications. Its open-source framework will also allow customers to work directly with SunGard on shared technical and functional enhancements. Key functionality offered by Asset Arena’s Client Portal includes: customizable dashboards; pre-defined templates for on-demand reports; online access to all reports generated by front-office systems such as Asset Arena Investment Accounting; and secure remote access to software platform services. Asset Arena’s Client Portal is currently integrated with Asset Arena’s Compliance and Investment Accounting solutions.

Peter Delano, research area director for Securities & Investments at TowerGroup, commented: “Clients' rising expectations, competition for global assets and an economic environment that drives attention to cost all point to the growing importance of client reporting. Shifting from basic client reporting to leading-edge status requires a commitment to improve business process and IT governance, as well as technology in data management and portal interactivity.”

Doug Morgan, president of SunGard’s institutional asset management business, commented: “SunGard’s Asset Arena Client Portal is an important addition to the Asset Arena offering. It provides a fast, cost-effective route to sophisticated management reporting. With it, SunGard can help asset managers and fund administrators increase their operational efficiency and deliver value-added services to their own clients and partners.”

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