SeeWhy Software Adds Advanced Profiling to SeeWhy Community Edition 3.2

WINDSOR, U.K.-19 June 2007

Statistical Functions in Event Stream Processing Software Give Businesses Powerful New Event-based Marketing Options

SeeWhy Software today announced the immediate availability of SeeWhy Community Edition 3.2. The product uses event stream processing technology to provide real-time insight into business operations, customer behavior and product status. Updates to SeeWhy Community Edition include sophisticated yet easy to use statistical functions that give business users the ability to create profiles that track meaningful changes and then trigger appropriate responses.

SeeWhy is at the vanguard of business intelligence 2.0, the new era of BI technology designed for use with streams of data in service-oriented (SOA) and Web 2.0 environments. SeeWhy is designed for organisations that require immediate action on opportunities, risks and costs affecting the business, such as capitalising on cross sell opportunities, potential customer attrition or fraudulent behaviour. Companies in industries such as online financial services and ecommerce use SeeWhy because they can't afford the time lag associated with traditional, data warehouse-centric BI applications. Such tools use data that is hours or even days old and are designed for analysis of past performance.

SeeWhy's full event stream processing solution, SeeWhy Enterprise Edition, provides all the capabilities of Community Edition and scales across multi-processor, multi-server environments to enable analysis of high event stream volumes.

Alys Woodward, Program Manager for Business Intelligence & Analytics at IDC, commented: "Speed of response to specific customer and market demands has always driven competitive edge for organisations, and in the current hyper-competitive business climate this becomes very important. As more organisations work towards implementing SOA, they are able to take greater advantage of real-time information. The latest release of SeeWhy gives businesses the analytical capabilities to spot meaningful changes in behaviour by leveraging such real-time information, and therefore improve the quality and rate of these responses."

Build Event Detection Into Business Applications

SeeWhy is designed to be incorporated directly into business process workflows to provide in-memory analysis in real time. By streaming data off of middleware, message queues, and web and network traffic, SeeWhy compares current events to a continuously updated profile of expected behavior at an individual level in order to understand the latest performance of various entities now and over time.

"Reacting to individual customer needs and levels of service is difficult for most organisations. Online businesses in particular treat customers pretty anonymously yet every day customers leave critical indications of their intentions through their daily interactions with businesses," said Charles Nicholls, CEO of SeeWhy Software. "The profiling capabilities in SeeWhy help companies to act automatically to individual customer events to increase sales and reduce risks. Using SeeWhy, businesses can drive personalised marketing, contact dissatisfied customers or trigger fraud alerts."

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